Wednesday, October 26, 2011

9facts will be updated on Friday

9facts will be updated on Friday (October 28th). We've been working hard for almost two months after our early launch, and now we're ready to show the next version.

What's new:
  • Much better fact entry. Fact entry was a huge lack in initial version of 9facts; template matching algorithm we implemented there was quite crude. But now there is much more intelligent one - we hope you will be pleasently surprised by its suggestions.
  • Fully renewed set of fact templates and keywords. There are ~ 150 fact templates and a taxonomy of ~ 400,000 keywords. 
  • Fact rankings - probably, the most interesting feature of 9facts. Unfortunately, we were unable to show it in our first alpha, but now it's almost here. It allows you to see what facts are the most popular in any group of people (e.g. among your friends), and how particular results are compared with each other there. So you can answer on questions like "Who is the person from Moscow having the highest reputation on StackOverflow?". Fact rankings are built for each keyword and keyword category as well.
  • Groups unite a set of persons having some common interests. All public facts of group members participate in fact rankings, so they can compare their achievements.
  • Confirm and Like actions. Any fact can be confirmed by any friend of a person it is related to; unconfirmed facts cannot participate in fact rankings. The number of likes affects both on popularity of fact, as well as on its position in fact rankings: the more likes it has, the more popular this type of fact becomes.
The changes we're going to bring are so dramatic that we must start the migration process today. This implies all the changes made on 9facts from this moment and till the update will be lost. We hope this is acceptable for alpha stage; in future we will try to avoid such a long periods of partial service availability.

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