Monday, November 21, 2011

Last week updates: RescueTime fact provider, comments and less important changes

We've added two major features to 9facts on the last week:

1. RescueTime fact provider

RescueTime is a great service constantly measuring your productivity. It is especially good for software developers, designers and any other people using PC on daily basis, so if you're such person, I highly recommend you trying it. Its Lite plan offers much more than you imagine, and it is absolutely free.

Go to Fact providers page to activate its fact provider. When tops are updated, you must see RescueTime-related activities in some of them:

Currently we don't create RescueTime activities for "All time" period (likely, we'll publish averages there in future), so you must manually select one of the following periods:
  • Last month
  • Month
  • Last week
  • Week
  • Yesterday
To find RecueTime activities, select "Business and Career" category as shown above, or type "rescue" in search box:

So what RescueTime fact provider allows you to do? You can compare your own productivity with productivity of nearly any group of people - e.g. other developers in your company, city, or even country. And, if you're highly productive, you can share the approval (that's upcoming :) ), or highlight this fact in CV.

A brief review of metrics we collect:
  • "Spent X hours on all work time activities", "Spent Y% of time on productive activities" - these metrics are taken directly from RescueTime.
  • "Spent Z hours on productive activities" - calculated as Z = time spent on very productive tasks + 0.5 * time spent on productive tasks. It differs from Z = X*Y, since RescueTime calculates  productivity as Y = (100%*tvery productive + 75%*tproductive  + 50%*tneutral + 25%*tdistracting)/ttotal, so it includes additives proportional to neutral and distracting time, but both of them shouldn't affect on productive time in our case. 


More precisely, Facebook comments - for now we chosen the simplest way to add this feature:

What's next?

We're going to significantly improve notifications (currently we send just some of them) and add bidirectional links between facts and tops they participate in. 

Our work on new fact templates was suspended on this week, but now we're resuming it. So shortly I'll publish a post covering all new templates we've added.

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