Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Setting up RescueTime fact provider

To setup RescueTime fact provider for 9facts, you must:

1. Get your RescueTime account name:
Setting account name
and profile visibility
  1. Login to RescueTime
  2. Go to "Profile / Edit" page
  3. Set your account name, or copy the existing one to clipboard
  4. Set your profile visibility to "Visible"
  5. Don't close RescueTime window
  6. Paste account name to RescueTime authentication form on 9facts (open it in a new window)
2. Create a new RescueTime Data API Key:
Creating a new Data API key
  1. Go to "Setup Data API" page on RescueTime
  2. Create a new key there (see the screenshot for details)
  3. Go to "Key Management" page
  4. Expand a new key entry here 
  5. Copy the value of "Full key" to clipboard
  6. Switch back to 9facts window again
  7. Paste the key to  RescueTime authentication form on 9facts
  8. Click "Save".
3. Verify your RescueTime account name (unfortunately, it's impossible to do this via RescueTime API):
Verifying your account
  1. Copy the verification key provided by 9facts to clipboard (it is bold)
  2. Don't close 9facts window
  3. Go to "Profile / Edit" page on RescueTime
  4. Paste it to "Role" field (see the screenshot)
  5. Go back to 9facts window
  6. Click "Verify". Your RescueTime identity must be verified at this point. If it isn't, please contact us. 
  7. Go to "Profile / Edit" page on RescueTime
  8. Set your "Role" back to the original (or any desirable) value.
That's it. A lot of steps, but this should be done just once.

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